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Privacy Policy 隐私政策


BeHappy 絕對重視會員的私隱,因此制訂此私隱政策(Privacy Policy),以協助您瞭解BeHappy 在應用及保護會員所提供的個人資訊。

  1. 資料取得及運用
    瀏覽BeHappy並不必輸入個人資料,收集個人資料的目的是讓我們可向用戶提供網上購物服務。當用戶註冊成為BeHappy會員時,BeHappy才會請用戶提供姓名、姓別、電郵地址、出生日期等個人資料, 其資料僅供BeHappy購物服務或活動使用。我們絕不会将會員資料用做其他用途。

  2. 個人帳戶資料之修改
    在BeHappy中註冊會員後,會員可隨時修改您的Behappy 帳戶資料。

  3. 資料保密:

  4. 傳送會員快訊等電子郵件

  5. 保護隱私權的安全措施
    假 如會員不允許COOKIES檔案的使用,可自行在互聯網瀏覽器上作出調整。註冊會員的帳戶資料和個人檔案均有密碼保護,只有使用者才能讀取此個人資料。建議使用者在完成工作後退出帳戶並關閉瀏覽器視窗。這樣,才能在與他人共享電腦時,確保他人無法讀取閣下的個人資料和信件。

  6. 聯絡我們
    若會員有任何有關安全與私隱的問題,請電郵至 behappyshop@gmail.com 與我們聯絡。  


Privacy Policy :

BeHappy pays great attention to the privacy of members, and establishes the privacy policy as follows, to help you understand how BeHappy using and protecting the personal information provided by members.

  1. Acquisition and use of information
    It’s unnecessary to enter any personal information when browsing Behappy, and the purpose of acquisition of personal information is to enable us to provide users with online shopping service. Only when registering for BeHappy’s membership, you need to provide the personal information such as the name, sex, e-mail address, and date of birth, etc., which is only used for BeHappy’s shopping service or activities. We never use the member’s information for any other purpose.

  2. Confidentiality of information
    BeHappy will never sell, exchange, or rent any user's personal information to any other third party

  3. Security of information
    When you are shopping online, your personal information (including the information of credit card) is protected by SSL encryption technology in data transmission through the Internet.

  4. Membership message by E-maily
    After registering for BeHappy’s membership, we will send you some messages by E-mail about new products arrival or special offers. If you do not wish to receive such e-mail, please make remarks when providing your personal information.

  5. Measurements for privacy protection
    If you do not allow the use of cookies files, please configure it in your Internet browser. We apply the password protection in account data and personal information for all registered members. We suggest that you shall logout your account and close your browser after completing your operation. In this way, your personal data and messages will not be read by any other person on shared computer.

  6. Contact us
    If you have any question about the security or privacy issue, please contact us by e-mail to behappyshop@gmail.com .



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