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Welcome to  www.behappy.com.my . All our products are READY STOCK,  BRAND NEW and  guaranteed 100% AUTHENTIC! 欢迎来到 BeHappy 购物网!所有产品都是正品, 新品!! 全现货!  

2018-12-02 22:14:16
10th Anniversary Free Gift
FREE " Miniature Fruit Jars!
To celebrate our 9th birthday, spend MYR100 (USD25) get 2 FREE dollhouse miniature fruit jars!
Randomly send. While stock lasts.

2018-11-29 00:19:29

FREE "Sylvanian Families" 2019 Destop Calendar!
( Malaysia Version )
Buy up to MYR 300*/USD 75* (not included shipping cost) will get 1 FREE !
*Only for Sylvanian Families products, one free calendar per order, NOT entitled for any Budget Corner and promotion Items, while stock lasts.

免費"森林家族" 2019 桌历!
( 马来西亚版 )
買上馬幣300*/美元75* (不包括郵費) 將免費獲得精美桌历一份!
*只限購買森林家族產品, 不包括Budget Corner 与清货产品.
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Accept Chinese Yuen

Welcome oversea buye

[Payment Methods]

Terms and Conditions 购物条款

Dear oversea buyers, normally we post package below 1kg as "Small Packet", but now if your package size exceed the Pos Malaysia "Small Packet" maximum size: 25cm(l) x 20cm(w) x 10cm(h), it will be classified as a "Parcel" and will be charged according to parcel’s rate. But our system can't identify product dimensions, in case your package below 1kg but the size exceeds the limit, we will email you for further details. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. (1 Oct 2014)


  1. 因产品种类繁多﹐貨存難免出錯﹐如遇臨時缺貨、斷貨,我們會將以電郵或電話聯絡﹐顧客可要求退款, 或以同等價格更換其他產品。

  2. 任何原因使包裹無法送抵時或被退回 (多次嘗試遞送,地址信息不足,拒收等) 本公司恕不承擔責任。此外,若顧客要求將商品再次寄送時,本公司也將向顧客收取送貨郵資等費用。

  3. 對任何包裹的丟失,我們不承擔任何責任。

  4. 实际产品可能与图片所示不完全一

  5. 對於海外消費者所訂購之產品如遭海關沒收或徵收進口關稅,本公司將不承擔任何責任。

  6. 請於訂貨日起三天內付款, 否則訂單將自動取消。

  7. 超過上午11點匯款的訂單視為隔日訂單﹐遇星期六日及國定假日或站上告知之公司特別休息日之訂單,視為休假後第一個工作天之訂單。付款 後會在1-2日發貨。在清货期间,订单处理可能需要额外的2-3天。本地快郵通常1-3日可抵達 (不包含星期六、日、國定假日) 海外國家很難預測郵件抵達時間﹐ 本公司恕不承擔。

  8. 產品在運送過程中可能出現之損壞,非我們所能控制,本公司不承担任何责任。无论如何, 我们会确定产品邮寄之前包扎好以及完美无损。

    由于大件物品 (例如森林家族房屋,商店,酒店等) 在运输过程中容易损坏,因此,所有大件物品在寄出前都会检查拍照作为记录,我们会确定产品寄出之前包扎好。 然而,运送过程中可能出现之损坏,非我们所能控制,请在购买前三思。

  9. 保養品、彩裝﹐面膜﹐服饰等私人消耗性產品,一經拆封使用,恕無法退貨。

  10. 衣服, 玩具退換貨需注意﹕
    • 色差: 商品因攝影或每台螢幕設定不同,衣服或玩具的顏色亦可能會有少許色差,對色差很在意的買家們,請考慮好才購買喔!
    • 非瑕疵範圍:輕微脫線、線頭外露、極小的污點、任何人為破損、壓痕、釦子沒縫緊、可縫回的綴飾脫落、尺寸差距正負1-2、款式不适合、不喜欢等等主观原因.
    • 影響第二次銷售: 吊牌不全、標籤已脫下、包裝不全、包裝物已損毀、商品已被使用、小於圓周直徑2cm的污漬或 能夠自行洗淨的貨品。

  11. 若已超過了3天退換貨時效,本公司將不接受顧客的退貨。除非是本公司所發出的貨物與清單所列明的不一樣。为了保证您的利益,请您在收到 货物时当场验货,送货商品与订购商品不符,或出现商品缺失、脏污、请立即通知我们,退换货时限是从商品自签收之日起3日内起开始, 如您购买的商品发生上述问题,经我们核实属实,我们可以为您办理退货。签收后3日您将被视为已经接受了本公司商品,此后将无权以任何理由退換商品。退換貨 品的郵費和运送风險須由買家自行承担。

  12. 特价, 折扣和促銷品恕不接受退换。

  13. 本公司有權隨時對本條款內容做適當更改。


Terms & Conditions

  1. Since we have a wide range of products, the stock problem is inevitable. In case of temporary shortages of certain product, we will contact you by e-mail or phone, and you may choose to refund or replace other product with the same price.                     
  2. We will not be responsible for any packages that were returned for failure of delivery (multiple delivery attempts, insufficient address information, refusal, etc.). In addition, if the re-delivery is required, the delivery postage and other expenses shall be paid by customer.

  3. We are not responsible for lost packages.

  4. Products may vary from that shown on images on our site.

  5. For the products ordered by overseas consumers, we will not bear any responsibility for any confiscation by Customs or the imposition of import duties.

  6. Payment has to be made within 3 days after the order placed or your order will be cancelled. If the product you ordered has not been delivered, you may modify the remarks to inform us as you need.

  7. The order confirmed after 11:00am shall be deemed as the order of next day. The order confirmed on Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays or any specific rest day informed at company’s website shall be deemed as the order of the first working day after the vacation. We will deliver the products within 1-2 days after your payment. During clearance sales period, orders may take an additional 2-3 days to process. It always takes 1-3 days for local Express Mail (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays). We do not provide overseas mail because it’s hard to ensure the arrival time.

  8. We will not be responsible for any damage of product during transportation, since it can not be controlled by us. In any case, we will keep the product perfect and pack it well before delivery.

    Due to all the big items (ex. Sylvanian Families houses, shops, hotels, etc.) are easily broken items during shipping. Therefore all items are inspected and photos are taken as a record of their condition and carefully hand-packed before dispatching. However we do not have control over the transit, so please be aware that we cannot be held responsible for any damage that may have occurred in transit. Therefore we respectfully to ask you think twice before placing your order.

  9. As for any private product such as the skin care, cosmetics, and facial mask, clothes it shall not be returned once opened.

  10. Notes for clothes & toys return﹕
    • Color and shape difference,pictures shown may vary from actual products.: the color difference may exist because of the photography or screen settings when you view the photos. Please think it twice before shopping if you care about it.
    • Non-defective range: slight unfastened, exposed end of thread, tiny stain, any man-made damage, impression, unfastened button, dropped decoration which can be fixed,  size difference within ± 1-2, and subjective reasons such as style unsuitable or unlike.
    • Affecting the future sale: incomplete tag, label dropping, incomplete package, damaged package, used products, products with stains less than 2cm in diameter or self-cleanable.

  11. We only take product back if the return period of 3 days is not expired.
    Customers are advised to inspect all goods carefully after collection/delivery immediately. If there is any missing or yellowish, please notify us immediately and it should be returned at once for our examination with a delivery note within 3 days, from the date of purchase. You will be deemed to have accepted the goods as satisfactory after 3 days from the date of received, and thereafter will not be entitled to the exchange of goods for any reason. The buyer bears all the transportation costs and the risk of loss of goods.

  12. Sale, discounted and promotional items CANNOT be returned, exchanged or refunded under any circumstances.

  13. We shall have right to change the contents of the above articles appropriately at any time
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